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Meanderings of a (former) lurker

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I breathe therefore I write
25 February
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About me: I'm new(ish) to fanfiction and have been sparked by my love of the TV Show Supernatural, the amazing characters of Sam and Dean Winchester, and the outstanding performances of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. I don't love every episode of the Show but I never, ever trash it (see commenting philosophy below--same sentiments). My fanfiction includes Supernatural Gen and CW Real People Slash. Sorry, I don't write Wincest. Nothing against it; just not for me.

Lately, I've also discovered Merlin and Glee and have written a fic here and there for each :)

Friending policy: All of my stories are public. I occasionally will post a friends-only post of a more personal nature, usually related to writing. If you'd like, feel free to friend me. I will look at the journal of anyone who friends me. If we have things in common then I'll generally friend you back.

Commenting philosophy: I read a lot of fanfiction. If I like a story I'll comment and say so. If I love a story, I'll gush and leave a detailed comment saying what I liked specifically. If I didn't care for a story, I'll stay quiet. In other words, if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all. It's simple, but works for me :D I know some here request/appreciate constructive critique. But it's difficult to do that here properly within a comment box. Plus, this isn't a classroom; just a place that folks are sharing of themselves. So my personal philosophy on this is to use the comment as a way of saying thanks if a story gave me pleasure and moving on if it didn't.


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